Dress Collocation

Brazilian Model - Renan Corbani

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Renan-Corbin-Homotography-Arnaud-Roca-01.jpeg Renan-Corbin-Homotography-Arnaud-Roca-02.jpeg Renan-Corbin-Homotography-Arnaud-Roca-03.jpeg Renan-Corbin-Homotography-Arnaud-Roca-04.jpeg Renan-Corbin-Homotography-Arnaud-Roca-05.jpeg Renan-Corbin-Homotography-Arnaud-Roca-06.jpeg Renan-Corbin-Homotography-Arnaud-Roca-16.jpeg

Brazilian model Renan Corbani at Fly Models Management is groomed, styled and photographed by Arno Roca in an intimate exclusive shoot for Homotography. Renan is wearing pieces from Lanvin, Balmain and Dior Homme.



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